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Dorothy Simmons

About Dorothy Simmons

Dorothy 'Dotti' Simmons emigrated from Northern Ireland as a young adult. She is the author of a play, two short story collections, two historical fiction novels and four Young Adult novels. Her short stories, poetry and prose have won or been shortlisted for a number of national prizes and awards. Dorothy died after a short battle with cancer on November 1, 2021. She was 71 years old.


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Dorothy Simmons Creative Writing Prize

The Dorothy Simmons Creative Writing Prize was established by her family in 2022. The prize aims to ignite the creative spark in students at Albury High School, where Dorothy taught English and Drama for many years. A fierce advocate of public education, Dorothy left a generous bequest to AHS to fund the annual prize and encourage students to pursue writing opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

Click here for more information about the prize.


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