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Jonno and his friends all come from different situations. Janine is still grieving the death of her mother and struggling to be a mum to her twin brothers - then she finds her father in bed with her mother's friend.

Kerry has wagged school a few times too many, and Steve, the larger-than-life kitchenhand, has just lost his job for turning a carving knife on his boss. Jonno, an unemployed high school drop-out, is everything his rockstar brother, Wayne, is not.


Video Zone is a gritty account of everyday life from the perspectives of four teenagers who have dealt with more than their fair share of challenges. When the going gets tough, these four 'aliens' discover that as long as your friends are there for you, it'll be okay.


Video Zone

Alien Alley is the local video arcade and Jonno's second home. He's asked to look after it one long weekend while the owner has a break. His friends join him, but soon a tragic accident has them questioning everything...

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