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Living Like a Kelly

A journalist investigating and writing about the possibility of members of the Kelly Gang being alive and well in South Africa comes face-to-face with Ned Kelly's mother herself, the notorious Mrs K...

A woman’s story which privileges the female point of view and gives value to 'women’s work', Living Like A Kelly begins with a coincidence in the small town of Greta, Victoria.

The year is 1911, and a thunderstorm forces journalist Brian Cookson to seek shelter at a roadside cottage. There, he is taken in by three little girls and the old woman they call Gran. When Cookson explains that he is writing about the possibility of Dan Kelly and Steve Hart of the infamous Kelly Gang being alive and well in South Africa, the old woman spins around and glares.

    “Lies, lies, lies!”

Cookson is dumbfounded.

    “But how can you know?”

    “I am his mother.”

Will the woman who raised Ned Kelly ever trust a 'newspaper man' with the truth about her son? And what does it really mean to live and die like a Kelly?


Die Like a Kelly

Animation created by UTS student, Yashica White, inspired by Living Like A Kelly.

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