Below you'll find an animated video of On the Hour by Dorothy Simmons, featuring music by Mimi Kind and narration by Stephanie King.

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My microliterature piece On the Hour was published online and also appears in Spineless Wonders' collection of microfiction 'Out of Place' (2012).


It is excerpted from my book, 'Living Like A Kelly', which reimagines the life of Ned Kelly's mother and was published by Australian Scholarly Publishing in 2015.

Here is the text.

On The Hour

on the hour

you'll be on your way   

you'll be walking down that corridor   

putting one

foot in front of the other   

breathing in 

breathing out   


your body

what's it saying   

your good body   

blood and bone   

raced horses 

felled timber 

hammered nails 

danced jigs 

dripped sweat 

swam creeks 





held squalling babies

as tenderly as bleeding men   

your body   

that you'll be walking

into a room

it'll never walk out of   


can you do that   

set one foot

in front of the other

up to the drop 

look the


you'll be holding

out your hands

to be pinioned

flexing your fingers 

long strong sinewy fingers 

always kept your nails clean


bending your

neck for that rough collar   

like you bent it for me to kiss     


my fingers stroking

the soft hair at the nape 

like they used to stroke the

soft down where

the bones hadn't set   

your fingers were chubby then   

kneading my breast as you latched on   


eyes shut 


but open now   


wide awake   

under the hood   

what do you see my son 

what do you say

die like a kelly   


like a kelly 

Read my interview with Spineless Wonders about why I wrote it here or purchase 'Living Like A Kelly' here.

Die Like a Kelly Cartoon Video