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PLACE: Parramatta Female Factory.
YEAR: 1827.

Newly appointed Matron Ann Gordon interviews the riot's ringleaders, notably one Molly Malone. Like her, Molly has left an illegitimate daughter at home, but there's no time to think about that now. Ann has to get this group of convict women under control before the Factory's Market Day, when single men come looking for a wife.


No sooner is Molly released from solitary confinement than Ginger Em, the young London housebreaker she has befriended, begs for help escaping from the Female Factory...

Nine years later, the place is known as Gordonsville. Ann intends to leave Parramatta. Yet standing outside the factory walls, she remembers the women she helped and the woman she couldn’t: Molly Malone. And whatever happened to Ginger Em?


Of Breath & Blood

"A soundly researched and wholly engrossing historical fiction, guaranteed to appeal to lovers of both history and fiction as well as those interested in women’s studies..."

Denise O'Hagan, Black Quill Press

Dorothy reading from Of Breath & Blood

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